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"Design is not just what it looks like and feels like.
Design is how it works."

This concept is what i bring to every new project, together with great dedication and enthusiasm

I am a visual designer, Specialized in User Interfaces and User Experience. Originally from Spain, with a Swiss/German family combination and a long travel history. Based in Zürich now, always looking for new people to collaborate with and exciting projects to be part of. Achieving goals in life is probably one of the things that keeps me on every day. Create stuff brings joy, joy leads to Happiness,
awesome right?


Strong out of the box thinking, It always helped me to inspire clients, teams, Partners or Bosses. Great sense to make stuff simple, combined with a profound love for UX and visual design.


Pusching every day to get and bring the very best of me to every project. Improving where ever i can, by myself or with the help of others. Expecting from myself to be up to date, to hold motivation high, challenging myself to grow with every project.

Team Player

People are always stronger together, ideas are made to be shared. Sharing is the key for great teamwork. Over the years my role has evolved to lead the people around me in many projects, which i not only enjoy a lot, also can proudly say i'm great doing it.


Means more to me then typing and listening at the same time. Running various projects at once can be a challenge, requires organisation, commitment & responsibility. If there has ever been something i'm outstanding at, this is definitely it.

Km every week
Need during a week
Nm i have sailed
Startup projects created

Stuff i have done

That's the tricky part, lately most of my work is under strict confidentiality.

Here you get a tiny little overview of the work i was usually involved in. There is plenty of my work i can't show because of confidentiality, mainly interfaces from the banking world, and early bird startup projects. Sad, but very little i can do about it. Please ask me directly, i'm glad to show and explain my work during a coffee :)




Much faster prototyping as pixelperfect


Still didn't decide between Sass & Less, but you have to start with something


After a very nice conversation with @mdo himself, i can't live without it

Over the last years

Working hard and making the success
  1. Logitravel S.A

    2008 to 2009

    I started at Logitravel at the beginning of 2008 to join the Expansion Team for the German Market. Redesign of the Booking site, creating content, creating new campaigns & prototype new products, where only a few of the things we did that year. I had a great time at the company, meet awesome people and had the pleasure to learn from the very best in the business. Today Logitravel is a 500MM € + Company. - http://logitravel.com

  2. Feel The Design S.L.

    2009 to 2011

    Again the time to make a project by my own. I partner up with two amazing developers, who at that time startet Kumointernet, both left Logitravel at about the same time and we were excited to start some new projects together. In this year we worked for over 54 Different clients, created an amazing eCommerce Project "0Market" which runs up to date in over 10 Luxury retail stores around Europe handling over 2.000.000$ a year in retail sales.

  3. SupKultur GmbH

    2014 to Present

    I co-founded Supkultur with my two partners Lukas & Marc. Together we opened 2 Stand up Paddle Stations at Lake Zürich, and are planing the 3rd for 2016. We built, what later the press would call "Weltneuheit am Mythenquai – Geld rein, Paddelbrett raus" © Tagesanzeiger.ch - The first fully automatic SUP renting system. We had an incredible first season, with close to 2000 customers & great Partnerships with local companies such as Hiltl - http://supkultur.ch

  4. SupSpot

    2015 to Present

    Out of the need for awesome software at the Supkultur project, i created, together with Sebastian, the Software Startup SupSpot, which made the iPad sales point APP and the entire API-ResT System that operates the entire renting and co business. A Modern Booking system, based on a strong API-Rest that serves different iOS app's and web applications. - http://supspot.ch

  5. Short Consulting AG

    2011 to Early 2016

    I started at Short a few years ago, as an interaction designer for internal insurance projects. Late 2012 I was the head of Project Management, with some great UI/UX projects for Swiss Life or UBS. By 2014 i sign over as Responsible for Startups, as we split the mother company in two. Bread & Butter business would stay the same, but we started a Startup accelerator, capturing projects to made them real. Our close location to ETH was great to stay in touch with awesome creative minds and their projects. During 2015 i had the pleasure to work with Notenstein - La Roche on their new responsive Protfolio Management System. State of the art front-end dev with a great life prototyping approach that incremented seriously the project developing.

  6. Crowdhouse.ch

    Until summer 2016

    I came to Crowdhouse at the beginning of the year as Head of Product and Design in order to shape the product online and develop new ideas that help to improve grow & market share. I had a great time at Crowdhouse, fun to work with such a successful project. Looking forward for them to be the leading Fintech project in Zürich for the next years.

  7. Open for a new challange

    Early next Year

    From January on i will be open for new challanges. Do not hesitate to catch up with me if you think i can contribute something to your projects, Design UX/UI, startup or ideas.

Feedback, is the most important

Clients, colleagues and friends, people that inspire me and those i have inspired, Thank you
Carlos Hernandez
Carlos Hernandez

Security engineer at Google Inc

"Outstanding organisation skills, great team leader. Takes care of the most tiny details and is by far one of the most responsible persons i have met."

Dan Rubin
Dan Rubin

Photographer + Creative Director
Former Creative Director @moo.com

"Florian has such a creative mind, it’s always inspiring to talk with him. He is an excellent conceptual designer, with a remarkable ability to see the big picture."

Daniel Castelberg
Daniel Castelberg

Deputy of Applications Dev at Notenstein / Raiffeisen

"He implemented life coding approach into the project and did an outstanding architecture job. He achieved to close the gab between Prototype and implementation."

Dr. Philipp Baumgartner
Dr. Philipp Baumgartner

Partner at Finanzwerk AG

"Florian is an impressive person who's contributions I appreciated. Highly professional with a lot of dedication, focus and driven by innovation. His social skills make him a perfect team player."

Jörgen Weiss
Jörgen Weiss

COO at Pelle P/PPY Production AB
Former Sales Director Emerging markets @Nike

"Project driver, great mind, talented organizer, design driven."

Stefan Querfurth
Stefan Querfurth

CEO at 2degrees matters

"Florian sets standards in project planning, execution, and productive creativity. In business and in sailing, he leaves nothing up to chance - great man in charge and fun to work with!"