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“Consistency is the playground of dull minds.” ― Yuval Noah Harari, Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind

About me

A few details you should know

I was raised in Spain and call Zürich my home for the past 10yr. Some say, I got the best of both worlds.

I originally studied design, UX/UI Specialist, but drifted 15yr back and Start creating businesses. Along the way I have learned that Kindness & Collaboration are the key to make a difference in this world. I have created 5 Startups. Been a digital Nomad 6yr before Covid19. Crossed the Atlantic Ocean on a Sailboat, Had a dinner at NOMA, and I got almost run over by a Black Rhino 🦏 in Africa while learning about Biomimicry. I have traveled every continent, collaborated with universities & Companies around the world, meet amazing human beings and learned that integrity is more valuable than gold.

What people say I'm good at

While learning new things every day

positive attitude
Prototyping skills
Facilitate & Manage

Being of service

Where & how can i do the most good


I implement and build suitable Innovation frameworks around teams & organisations, opening new opportunities to look beyond the daily Business.

Company Culture

I help redesigning Company and Team cultures around how to approach innovation while the world is on change.


I create prototyping structures and methods that fit both Hardware & Software related projects. Bringing concepts to life so you can touch them.

"I have not failed. I've just found 10.000 ways that won't work.".

Thomas Edison

the last 28 month

A Small Walk throught what I have been doing lately

Head of Creation & Play at Ricolab

For the past 2.5 Years I have been working for the independent, radical innovation lab of the Swiss SME Ricola. We build on the heritage of Ricola to prototype new business with a long-term perspective cultivating well-being for people, communities and nature.

Collaborating with Universities, Partners & Organisations around the world to connect unusual dots in order to solve the upcoming challenges of an uncertain future.

Crypto with UNICEF

I had the great opportunity to be invited over to Brainstorm and Collaborate with the UNICEF Innovation Lab during the last ETH Denver on how to use Cryptocurrencies to change the world.

ETH - Zürich

I was honoured to work with the amazing Students at ETH Zürich on different programs such as the "Challenge accepted" or the "Food Innovation Lab - EIT Summer School". Innovating with these young, Talented human beings and giving back to them what we learn in the field, is a gift which I'm extremely thankful for.

HSLU - Luzern

Absolute Privilege to work with the Students at HSLU Technik & Architektur Prototyping new Business Models around Crypto & Smart Sustainable Urban Architektur.

Teaching Center for Experimentation & Practice - Tsinghua University - Shenzehn

Learning from the OPEN Fiesta program at the Tsinghua University campus. Incredible to see what china is doing to push Innovation forward.

Meeting X-Factory - Shenzehn

2 Day Brainstorming trip Chinas 🔥 hottest Creator Space to learn from the best china has to offer in terms of fast tech prototyping. Factor X is Specialised in Electric Urban Transport, it has been amazing to learn from them.

HEAD - Geneva University of Art and Design

Innovation & Prototyping Session with the Students from the Geneva University of Art and Design, such a great learning experience and back to my roots as a Designer.

Biomimicry - Africa

Life-changing experience to get teach by Claire Janisch at the Science Center in Kruger Park about Biomimicry and how to integrated it into my Innovation work. Did you know that Fedex improved their transports routes by 27% using a Protein and a fungus? after an AI failed to deliver more than 5% improvement. No? Neither did I and it probably changed the way I approach problem forever.

Chobani Incubator - NYC

Innovation Session with Chobani on how to disrupt with a new Product in an incredibly saturated and well served market by Brands worth Billions... and Smash them.

Ginkgo Bioworks - Boston

Innovation Session at one of Bostons Unicorns, Ginkgo Prototypes and designs organisms, replacing technology with biology. In biological engineering, living organisms are the factories that build new products.

START Summit Coaching Program - Hub Hochschule St. Gallen

2 Month Coaching Program working with START Summit Startups in Seed Phase prototyping Business models for different projects.

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